Watercooling the apu.graphics testsystem (Update)

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Watercooling the apu.graphics testsystem (Update)

We are always trying to improve the performance/efficiency of our small “Steambox”.

Today we want to show you our new Thermaltake cube and the installation of an Arctic AIO watercooling system.

Our configuration:
– MSI A68 HI Mainboard
– Thermaltake Core V1 cube
– AMD A10-7850k
– 16 GB / AMD Radeon R9 Gamer Series DDR3-2133 (running @ 2400)
– Transcend SSD370 / 512 GB
– Be quiet! BN140
– Acrtic Liquid Freezer 120 AIO (NEW)


Arctic cooling set includes:
– 2x 120mm silentfans
– AMD socket-kit
– Intel socket-kit
– Waterpump+Radiator
– Printed manual (not in the picture)
– Arctic MX4 thermal compound


First step was to remove the old Scythe fan from the MSI board, install the 7850k into the new A68HI and apply some thermal compound.
Next step is to remove the OEM brackets for the fan and fix it with the Arctic screws.
Important: Be sure your AMD board has a backplate. If your board did not have one you need to order it separately from Arctic!20160706_141704

After the preparation of the board you can apply the pump on the cpu and fix it with the including screws.
It is important to have the right alignment of the pump to the place where your radiator will be. (The Arctic “letters” on the pump should face towards the radiator!)


When you finished the installation of the pump on the cpu you can place the board back into your case and install the 2 fans and the radiator.20160706_150428 20160706_150436 20160706_151224_HDR

I will update this post with exact temperature stats later.

Here are some old (but not 100% accurate) stats:
Old Scythe fan:
Idle = around 40°C till thermal throttle
stress = around 20-15°C till thermal throttle (depending on game/stresstest)

New Arctic water cooling:
Idle = >70°C till thermal throttle (@12,5% fan/pump)
Stress = around 45°C till thermal throttle (there will come some overclocking for sure)

The price of the Arctic 120 Watercooling is around 60 €, which is incredible cheap for an AIO (all in one) water cooling solution which is nearly noiseless and keeps my 7850k way cooler than I would imagine.

Since the 60€ is not much more expensive than a good aftermarket fan (Scythe, beQuiet etc.) it is a “must have” if you have the space for it.

Note: Not all ITX cube tower can fit a water cooling radiator.

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