Tipps and news for Ryzen R5 2400G throttling (update)

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Tipps and news for Ryzen R5 2400G throttling (update)

Since we have the 2400G we noticed some strange behavior with our Gigabyte AB350N mini-itx board (Bios with SMU 30.67.0).
Under heavy load and sometimes random, the 2400G start to clock down to 545 Mhz CPU and 200 Mhz gpu clock. In this times the game hangs and slows down to under 10 fps. We started to investigate and after some testing we worked a way out to reproduce the behavior. In this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf99GSZ8Bgc ) you can see that the 2400G starts to clock down even when it is not running in some kind of TDP limit (according to Ryzen master). We managed to reduce this downclocking to nearly zero when we disabled the turbo/boost for the cpu in the Gigabyte Bios.

According to users from 3dcenter and reddit (see links below) we where not alone with this behavior and we gathered many information how to reduce or eliminiate the down-clocking.
In this post we want you to present the steps you need to take to get rid of this problem until there is a fix for it ( SMU 30.68.0should fix this problem).

  • Disable turbo/boost (works for 95% of the users)
  • Undervolt the cpu (silicon lottery :/ ) (works for 25% of the users)
  • Try to ramp up the speed of your RAM to 2933+ (works for 5% of the users)
  • Set your GPU clock to a fixed 1240 or lower/higher, this should be done if only your gpu starts to clockdown since it is another error
  • Update to latest Bios with SMU 30.68.0 (not 100% confirmed at the moment)

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Gigabyte has released a new Bios Update for the AB350N.
We will test it soon and if there are some changes for Turbo behaviour we will post it in the News section.

DL-Link for “F22 – 8,14 MB – 2018.03.16”

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