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Equal clock comparison R5 3400G vs R5 2400G

We compared the 3400G vs the 2400G on the same clocks (CPU, GPU and RAM) to see if there is some “secret sauce” inside the new silicon. The System we are using is: System Info: R5 3400G Vega @ 1240 mhz R5 2400G Vega @ 1240 mhz Corsair RAM 16 GB @ 2933-17-19-19-19-39 Asrock AB350…

Test R5 3400G vs 2400G We managed to get a Ryzen R5 3400G on the first days after launch and wanted to show you the results from our fist tests. At first we start with our System: 16 GB / Corsair @ 2933 Asrock AB350 Pro 4 Crucial P1 500GB NVME R5 3400G Vega @ 1400 mhz (stock) R5…